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Explore our collaboration with Fraser James Furniture, artisans of bespoke kitchens and handmade furniture. We provided a tailor-made website design and development, allowing them to showcase their artistry, alongside a 100-page brochure with premium print quality to highlight their work.

Client Profile
Fraser James Furniture is known for their exquisite craftsmanship in creating custom kitchens and handmade furniture. Our project aimed to present their dedication to beauty and functionality in the digital and print realms.

Bespoke Website and Stunning Brochure
We created a website that showcased Fraser James Furniture's masterpieces while offering an immersive experience for visitors. In parallel, our 100-page brochure, printed to the highest quality standards, brought their portfolio to life, emphasising their attention to detail.

Elevate Your Living Spaces
With their new website and brochure, Fraser James Furniture invites clients to immerse themselves in their artistry, both online and in the tactile world. Their dedication to perfection shines through in every detail.

Thank you for visiting our showcase. Explore the world of Fraser James Furniture, where bespoke elegance meets artistry, and experience their commitment to excellence.

Graphic Design, Website Design & Development

Fraser James Furniture


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